Value Engineering & Process Improvements


Our value engineering services are aimed to identify and eliminate high cost areas in the value chain, ensuring a balance between efficient use of resources and decreased operating costs.

Our VE team works closely with designers and stakeholders to ensure appropriateness and accuracy in information, which in turn helps in improving the operational efficiency of the organization.

Service Offerings:

  • Product development cost control through effective resource utilization strategies
  • Product design optimization and quality enhancement using virtual simulation tools
  • Operational performance (cycle time) optimization through computer aided engineering
  • Reduction in quicker upgrades / versions of products through reverse engineering and rapid prototyping
  • FMEA Studies for functional, concept design, detail design and process improvements


Our commitment to excellence in providing value engineering services is possible due to our well-equipped engineering facility, and a team of VE specialists to develop cost-effective strategies for our clients. Additionally, we also involve industry experts to address problems across different domains more comprehensively.


Our PLM Experts And Domain Consultant Collaborate To Help Manufacturers In Improving Product Development Processes And Subsequently Assist In Reducing Time-to-market The Product. Right From Introduction Stage Of The Product Lifecycle, We Help Organizations To Align Their Design Data, Manufacturing And Business Processes To Develop Complex And Carried Product Lines In Short Spans.

Product LifeCycle Management Service Offerings:
We Help Engineering Organizations To Identify Optimized Product Development And Manufacturing Processes For Better Returns And Subsequently Assist In Integrating These Processes To PLM.

Our PLM Consultants Provide Support To Manufacturers In Implementing PLM Solutions For Their Specific Manufacturing And Business Needs To Effectively Gain Benefits Of The PLM Technology.

We Also Assist In Integrating Key Development Tools Such As CAD, ERP And CRM With PLM To Improve Communication Across The Organization And Operational Efficiency.