About Us


OEDS is an established US based Engineering & CAD services company that was founded on the concept of specialization.

we assists companies improve their bottom line through resolving design issues, as well as optimizing manufacturing processes, and developing new products.

We have been performing design, analysis and troubleshooting services. We have expanded to offer engineering services to clients throughout the world in such diverse industries as energy, petrochemical, metals, fabrication, construction, marine, mining, and aerospace.


Diverse teams create original ideas that drive innovation.

OEDS has brought together a group of 75+ engineers, designer and technical specialist who integrate into a collaborative team where ideas can collide and grow into innovative concepts and designs that forge new ground in the industry and for our clients. We pride ourselves on our diverse composition and strive to find new ways to promote our diversity and channel it into an innovation engine that creates quality and sustainable solutions.

Our diverse team is able to show their passion, experience and excellence in each new project due in great part to the tools and systems they use. With skilled professionals in the full suite of various design, simulation, and analysis software. We are able to design the exact infrastructure you require in a way that is compelling and relevant to all stakeholders and comprehensive in its detail.

By utilizing this industry standardized software to its greatest potential, OEDS team is even better positioned to provide maximum cost savings, error mitigation, and dynamic engineering and architectural modeling for every project.